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Forever Wild has set out a bold vision to protect the Earth’s last great natural landscapes and to support the communities that live in them. Co-designed with those communities, who benefit directly from our work, Forever Wild builds Shared Earth Reserves each spanning over 10,000km². These landscapes actively contribute to societal well-being, protect biological diversity and its evolutionary potential, safeguard our cultural record and shared histories, and leverage sustainable economic values. In capturing these diverse values we generate wide-ranging social and political for our work, and create long-term finance to manage the landscapes and support local people.

Australia is one of only 5 places left on our planet with large, intact wilderness. Join us in protecting our shared histories and the Earth’s magnificent landscapes. Join us to create a legacy, so that children hundreds of years from now can stand in awe of our planet. All bequests and gifts over $10,000 are recorded on our One Earth Legacy Plaque in the geologically stable Western Deserts Shared Earth Reserve.

Our Societies, Our Earth, Our Future is a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation, which is a public charitable foundation. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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