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Crewmen is a site for those men seeking new friends and mates. It’s a site that encourages men in their pursuit for a greater and more fulfilling life and it’s a site that is focused on providing a support network to improve the overall mental and physical health of men in Australia.

The Crewmen Fund has been opened in conjunction to running alongside Crewmen.

Crewmen is dedicated to providing support to charitable organisations that we feel are aligned to the Crewmen value system.

The intention of the Crewmen Fund, is to provide grants to national charities to support their beneficiaries and communities. The Crewmen Fund has been established to accept donations of which these donations are then passed on in full to help charities achieve their goals.

The Crewmen committee are responsible for deciding what percentage allocation of the donated funds received, will go towards the focus areas listed under the Crewmen Fund.

The Crewmen Fund's focus areas are as follows:
    Resources/Aid; and

Within each focus area, there may be between one and four charitable organisations that we will consider donating to.

The percentage of actual funding that will be granted to particular charities will be decided by the committee and may change from time to time.

Influences that could affect the actual percentage of allocation granted to each charity could be economic, legislative, Crewmen member voices or particular goals that the Crewmen committee members are trying to achieve for those charities.

The Crewmen Fund is a fund of Australian Communities Foundation, which is a public charitable foundation. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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